Wimu Dashiki


Wimu means sky. The sky is often associated with being Divine as it is believed to be the abode of our almighty God, other gods and divine powers. The sky is believed to pour showers of blessing in form rain when we do right and disasters when we offend the divine.  To Ghanaians, dashiki’s original name is Angelina. The print like all other classic African wax print traces its roots to Ghana, Nigeria and Togo.  While it seems to be recent trend, the print has been around since the 19th century. Its name Angelina, is credited the highlife song “Angelina” by Ghanaian artists Sweet Talks & A.B. Crentsil.  The print’s western revolution started in Harlem in 1967 where Jason Benning coined the name dashiki from the Yoruba word “danshiki” which simply means shirt. It was a way to still give ownership of the tunic print style to its African roots.  Since then the vibrant print has given many cultural connection to their African roots and used as an empowerment symbol for and to encourage black excellence globally. This sky-blue dashiki wax print is made to flatter all body types. Wear wimu confidently with saddle black shoes or wedge sandals for a summer day. Make a bolder statement with red high heels. Be the simple chic at the new office or the upcoming event with the famous dashiki print and mysterious style that will make you the talk of the show. Made of wax print, and features a polyester lining and a zipped back. You are a goddess, make the bold statement with wimu. The best way to care for this or any other African clothing is to dry clean or hand wash in lukewarm water.


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