Ahofe Yellow Flare Dress


Ahofe in our local African language (Twi) means beautiful. We believe beauty should and need to be more than physical, although it mostly seems to be based on physical appearance. To us, simplicity is beautiful so is strength and consistency, it’s what we have modelled our work on. Our ahofe dress promises to depict its meaning when you wear it.  The shape is the super flattering sheath you know so well. The fabric is the super forgiving, we guarantee you falling in love with the feel of this dress. Stiff lace under a polyester lining gives the flare bottom the pop every woman loves to have. You are royal and this dress will give you the confident princess glow. Wear Ahofe to work or girl’s night out or better yet for that date. Features back zipper, lining and lace under bottom.  For best care, only dry clean or hand wash in lukewarm water.


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