About Us



When we say “Adepa: The Value in Africa” we seek to draw attention to the talent and ingenuity from the continent. We bring you more than style with Adepa and you offer more than a purchase, so again we say, we appreciate you for your support.



We currently work in four regions of Ghana, providing opportunity to skillful, passionate and talented people committed to their work. We believe in the saying “heaven helps those that help themselves”. Our workers range from widows, single mothers, school dropouts and those marginalized in our society. Our goal is to provide them with an opportunity to work in providing us with quality designs that meet the needs and satisfaction of the global market. Our workers are inspiring in their own ways, most have gone through the worse in life but the hope and gratefulness in their eyes inspire us to do what we do. Stable jobs provided to our workers, help them improve on their standard of living. We will continue to work with this group of talented designers to create opportunities for them.



Giving back to girl child education becomes a moral responsibility than a social one when you grow up in a country where ignorance make some believe that, the girl child doesn’t deserve higher education as the male counterpart. Our second pillar is to help with the educational expenses of intelligent well deserving girls in villages. We have been able to sponsor two girls in junior high school and thirty two students in primary school level in two villages. We are not a charitable organization, but we believe in giving back to the vulnerable in society. You can wear our pieces and feel proud of yourself, knowing that you are helping people in more than one way. Your purchase is very much appreciated.



Give to more than your family during holiday seasons, each purchase you make during holiday season part goes to our feeding program. This program has fed 350 orphans, needy children, the elderly and the homeless on Christmas day, in Ghana and Belize over the past two years. We make home cooked meals on Christmas day with some toys for orphans in Ghana and Belize. We team up with volunteers and local nonprofit organizations to help us achieve our goal.